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File a Complaint or Grievance

The University of Missouri (MU) currently has in place formal grievance procedures available to staff, faculty or students with complaints involving alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, a speedier and less formal procedure aimed at problem-solving is clearly also desirable.

Informal Problem Resolution Procedure

To use the informal problem resolution procedure, anyone with a complaint or a concern about a disability-related issue at MU—for example, classroom accommodations for students, workplace accommodations for faculty and staff, program accessibility, and architectural accessibility—may contact the ADA Coordinator, and the ADA Coordinator will work with all involved to seek resolution.

The ADA Coordinator and the person with the concern will first clarify the issues, and then, if the problem can't be resolved during this initial contact or within a few days, will establish a mutually agreeable timeline for resolving the issue(s). They will also review formal grievance procedures, including the time limits for filing a formal grievance, and review additional options such as the MU Equity Officeexternal link and the Campus Mediation Serviceexternal link.

Depending on the issues, and particularly when a specific accommodation is being sought, it may be helpful to share some information with others involved in the process. In all such circumstances, authorization by the affected person will be required (download authorization form herePDF).

Thereafter the ADA Coordinator, as a facilitator, will work with the parties toward a mutually satisfactory informal resolution of the problem. If a written agreement is deemed appropriate by mutual consent, such an agreement will be part of the resolution process.

This procedure is by nature flexible, and may contain elements of mediation, fact finding, and other methods of resolving disputes. The process is consensual and emphasizes communication and collaboration.

Formal Grievances

If informal resolution is not achieved, formal grievances are submitted to the Faculty Councilexternal link, Human Resource Servicesexternal link, or the Director of Student Lifeexternal link, for faculty, staff, or students respectively.

Complaints can also be filed with the following external agencies:

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