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Chancellor's Guidelines for Nondiscrimination in Employment Based on Disability

These are guidelines for implementing the policy of the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) prohibiting disability-based discriminationexternal link against any qualified individual with a disability in regard to any terms, conditions, or privileges of employment.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, and the Missouri Human Rights Act protect qualified individuals with disabilities from employment discrimination. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), and the Missouri Commission on Human Rights receive complaints and provide enforcement for these laws.

MU recognizes that all persons have the basic right of equal employment opportunity. Limiting, segregating, or classifying otherwise qualified individuals solely on the basis of disability is a violation of the law and detrimental to the overall workplace environment.

A qualified individual with a disability is an individual with a disability who satisfies the requisite skill, experience, education, and other job-related requirements of the employment position such individual holds or desires, and who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of such position.

The term "essential functions" refers to the fundamental elements of the job and does not include marginal functions of the position. Reasonable accommodations will be made for the known physical and mental limitations of qualified applicant or employee with a disability.

The use of qualifications standards, job tests, or selection criteria that screen out, tend to screen out, or otherwise deny a job or benefit to an individual with a disability or class of individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability is prohibited, unless the standards, tests, or criteria are job-related and consistent with business necessity.

Any medical information obtained from an applicant or employee as documentation of a disability must be maintained in files separate from general personnel information, and will be kept confidential, except to the extent necessary to evaluate accommodation or related requests, to address fire and safety issues, or as otherwise required by law.

MU will not enter into contractual or similar relationships that have the effect of subjecting qualified MU job applicants or employees with disabilities to discrimination. This includes, but is not limited to, a relationship with an employment agency, labor union, organization providing fringe benefits to employees, or organization providing training and apprenticeship programs.

Guidelines for Nondiscrimination in Employment Based on Disability

MU must not discriminate against any individual because of the known disability of another individual with whom the first individual has a relationship or association.

In many instances, reasonable accommodations for an otherwise qualified employee with a disability can be quickly arranged and provided. In other instances, the process may be more complex. Assistance in assessing disability documentation, defining essential job functions, and exploring accommodation options is available through the MU ADA coordinator, or 573-884-7278.

The University's formal grievance procedures for faculty, staff, and students should be used for grievances alleging disability discrimination. In addition, there is an informal problem resolution process available, through the ADA Coordinator, for reviewing any disability-related complaint or concern. The Campus Mediation Serviceexternal link is also available. Any person who believes s/he has been discriminated against by MU may use these informal problem resolution processes.

Issued by Chancellor Richard L. Wallace, June 18, 2004. Reviewed Oct. 4, 2011.

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