Report an Access Barrier

The Office of Accessibility and ADA appreciates your assistance in improving the accessibility of our campus by reporting accessibility barriers you encounter to us using our accessibility barrier reporting form. You can also report accessibility barriers directly to Amber Cheek, the ADA Coordinator, at or 573-884-7278.

We ask that you be as detailed as possible in describing the exact location of the accessibility barrier, so that we can better locate the issue on our large campus. Providing pictures of physical barriers is also very helpful.

Examples of barriers include:

  • a broken elevator or automatic door
  • an inaccessible website
  • a damaged or blocked ramp or curb cut
  • a video without captions
  • lack of access to an event or program

If you have encountered a barrier to access that is weather related or involves ordinary maintenance in a university facility, please call the Campus Facilities Service Desk at 573-882-8211 to report the issue directly.

You may submit the accessibility barrier report form anonymously. If you choose to do so, you will not receive a confirmation of submission or subsequent follow-up information regarding efforts to address the barrier. If you choose to provide your name and contact information, we will confirm receipt of your report, route the information provided to the appropriate department based on the type of barrier selected, and send follow-up information to the email address you provide.

Submission of the form does not constitute a formal complaint, grievance, or request for academic or workplace accommodation. Its intent is only to assist in identifying and addressing barriers to access.